Saturday, October 30, 2010

Breakfast for Lunch

There's a med student in my clase de espanol who went to Duke, and chatting with him about Marketplace brunch has made me seriously crave those heaping plates of eggs, bowls of grits dripping with cheddar and butter, biscuits smothered in gravy...

Ohhh, the freshman forty pounds I put on thanks to Marketplace brunch...

In any event, to satisfy that craving in a whole foods, healthier approach, I present: breakfast for lunch.

I know, you wouldn't think, to look at this box, that the enclosed zucchini pancakes are EITHER tasty or made of whole ingredients.  But you would be so wrong, on both counts.

With a little butter in the pan, they fry up crispy and golden-brown. They're thick and have a satisfying hearty bite to them.

Throw the grits in boiling water, and they cook in just five minutes.  I like to add salt, butter, and a little shredded cheddar or parmesan for richness.

I topped it all with a quick fried egg, a sprinkle of shaved parmesan, and a squirt of ketchup for the zucchini cakes.

Okay, so there weren't any biscuits or gravy, and neither was there an ENTIRE WALL of breakfast cereals... but it did the trick for now.  Craving abated.

(... Do we get to go to the Marketplace during Reunion Weekend?)

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