Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Project: Freezing Burritos

You may have noticed that posting is down on this blog, and if I had to blame anything, it would be how HOLY BUCKETS INCREDIBLY BUSY 3L year has turned out to be.  I've been eating right on a day to day basis, but it's been mostly repeat recipes, peanut butter sandwiches, or black beans and cheese.  There hasn't been anything particularly photo-worthy.

So last weekend, in an effort to combine interesting cooking with time efficiency, I took an old recommendation from Lauren and spent a couple hours putting together burritos to freeze and eat throughout the week.

I started with a simple tortilla recipe, combining white and whole wheat flour with a little canola oil and water, rolling out the dough and cooking them one by one.

Once the tortillas were cooked, I chopped and fried an onion and some garlic, then mixed in a can of black beans and a can of refried beans, and seasoned with salt, cayenne, chili, garlic powder, and cumin until it was spicy and flavorful.  A couple ounces of shredded sharp cheddar added tang and richness.

I ladled a half cup of the bean mix into the center of each tortilla, folding the top and bottom in and rolling to close them.  Then I wrapped each in foil and threw them in the freezer, to pull out and microwave throughout the week.

These have been such a lifesaver the past week: the tortilla is rich and thick, the inside spicy, tangy, and rich ... and they heat up in just three minutes.  Thanks for the idea, Lauren!

(Recipe here)

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