Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Post Describing Why My Mom Will Be Living With Us After We're Married

She recently baked this cherry pie.

And not only did she actually go two houses down and HAND-PICK THE CHERRIES from our neighbor's tree, but she also spent three hours pitting and de-worming them.  Fresh from the tree, they had that hint of tartness that sucks your cheeks in a little as you eat.

She also substituted her traditional pie crust (made with Crisco) for one that I could eat: just flour, canola oil, and a little milk and sugar.

It was crumbly and rich, hitting that perfect balance just between golden-flaky and buttery-melt-on-your-tongue.

She topped hers with a little vanilla ice cream, but since we didn't have anything on hand without preservatives, I went with fresh blueberries instead.

I haven't consulted Matt yet about the new addition to our newlywed household, but something tells me he's going to be TOTALLY OKAY WITH IT.

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