Thursday, June 24, 2010

Chips and Dips

Summer is my favorite time for home-made Mexican comfort foods... And it doesn't hurt that my mom, it turns out, is apparently an avid collector of small earthenware pots.  

The salsa is pretty standard: roughly chopped tomato and onion mixed with minced jalapeno and fresh cilantro, tossed with the juice of one lime, a dash of olive oil, and plenty of salt and pepper to taste.

The bean dip is incredibly simple and flavorful: throw a can of black beans into the mixer with one garlic clove, the juice of the other lime, and a couple teaspoons each of cumin, chili powder, and cayenne.  Salt and pepper until it zings on your tongue.


  1. I'm coming to live with you and your awesome mom. Seriously this food looks to amazing not to move in and help you eat it.

  2. OMG I hope you're not joking. If at any point this summer Gwen tells you she'd like to see the Great Plains, please head this way. We'd LOOOVE to have you!!!