Monday, May 10, 2010

Slings and Arrows

Friday night, instead of going to Law School Prom (yes, you read that right), I cooked a huge pot of pasta and my friend Galina brought over the first season of "Slings and Arrows," a Canadian show about a Shakespeare festival that was ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT.

I didn't photograph the pasta -- you've seen it before -- but we also dipped some strawberries in Lindt 85% dark chocolate and stuck them in the fridge to chill.  About three episodes in, we pulled them out with some tea:

Lessons learned include: when you dip strawberries in chocolate and chill them, place them on parchment paper instead of a plate.

The chocolate wants to stick to the plate more than it wants to stick to the berries.

Of course, this did not stop us from enjoying every last one.

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