Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Baby Shower in Des Moines

This weekend, Matt's mom hosted an Easter baby shower for Katie and Greg. (!!!)  I don't want to go too far into the details, but suffice it to say that most of the treats on offer were prooooobably not strictly in line with my dietary regime.

Several weeks ago, Matt threatened to start a shadow blog, "Things Juliet Doesn't Tell You," so in the interests of avoiding a post on there, I'd better be honest.

I had a cupcake.

In my defense, though, I shared it with Matt.  And he ate the sugary bunny on top.

The spread was kind of amazing ...

The numerous quiches were all homemade, and sported various assortments of vegetables and cheeses: zucchini, mushroom, spinach, red pepper, onion / asiago, parmesan, swiss, cheddar.  We helped make them before the party started, so though the crusts were packaged and frozen, I felt a little more legitimate cutting myself a huge slice.

There were fresh berries and fruit salad...

... and approximately every kind of ham and bacon you could imagine.  Katie only eats "happy meat," so I dove into one from a local Iowa farm which Ron, Matt's stepdad, called "The Ham that God Made."  (As distinguished from the Hormel variety, labelled "The Ham that Hormel Made."

Later, after presents had been unwrapped and we lay, exhausted, in front of the NCAA semi-finals, there was pizza.  But I'll let you read about that on Matt's blog...

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