Friday, January 8, 2010

Old Photos

I'm organizing my photos from the holiday break, and came across a few from pizza night with Matt's family that were worth sharing. The crust recipe came from a little book published by a member of his church, "Pizza Night with Perry Washburn," which his mom gifted to each of us.

Matt had a little trouble getting his crust to his desired level of crunchy-thinness, resulting in something of a pizza wreath.  He's very special.

Washburn recommends dicing and frying the pepperoni, allowing the grease to drain to one side of the pan, before adding to the pizzas.  This minimizes pepperoni grease (which may or may not be a plus) and maximizes your ability to spread pepperoni entirely across your pizza (obviously preferable).

Even the Bean got one:


  1. Come on over to my place....I will give you the hands-on tutorial, free! Love the blog!
    Perry Washburn

    My verification word was greso. Hah!

  2. Ha! Thanks -- we will totally take you up on that!