Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cheat Meal? La Casa Pizzeria

To any Omahans reading this blog: if you haven't tried La Casa pizzeria, I highly recommend you do so.


I have a question mark after the "Cheat Meal" in the title, because it is unclear to me whether the pizza I devoured earlier this summer was actually cheating on the plan.  La Casa is a family owned, local restaurant that cooks their pizzas in house and claims they are from a family recipe.  I'm officially considering it cheating, because as usual with eating out, I have no idea what they put in.  And the ingredients certainly aren't organic.  But at least I know they make everything from scratch on site.

In any case, it's delicious pizza.  They use a mix of romano and mozzarella cheeses, and their crust is buttery crisp, their sauce tangy and light.

In an otherwise unrelated topic, the night we had La Casa, Omaha was hit by a freak hailstorm.  With HAIL STONES THE SIZE OF FRUIT!

Seriously?  That's crazy.

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  1. I love the way you composed this shot of a hailstone! I call it "Hailstone with pear."