Thursday, July 22, 2010

Olive OIl Poached Lemon Fish

One of the greatest joys of food blogging is discovering other food bloggers in the food blogosphere, each busily cooking and arranging and photographing and then rearranging and photographing again and rearranging perhaps one more time until our significant other is looking at us and clearly thinking IT IS ALL GETTING COLD CAN WE PLEASE JUST EAT IT ALREADY.  


One of the numerous food bloggers I follow is Adrienne at Hungry Bruno, from whom I boosted the following delicious olive-oil poached fish with lemon and capers:

It's outrageously simple:  thinly slice two lemons and use half the slices to cover the bottom of a glass baking dish.

Layer fresh filets of any white fish that looks good at the fish counter (we used cod) and sprinkle with capers, fresh parsley, salt and pepper.  (We didn't have any fresh parsley at the time, so we used a little dried instead, but this is not a substitute I would recommend, in a perfect world.)

Layer the other half of the lemons on top, then pour in enough olive oil to cover the fish.

Stick it in a 250 degree oven and allow it to cook ever so slowly, the fish poaching in the oil rather than broiling or baking.  Leave them in for an hour or a little longer, until the fish is flaky.

Serve with your veggie of choice, and try to restrain yourself from being a creepy lemon paparazzo who keeps everyone else from their meal.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the shout-out! Glad you liked the fish. And I'm totally with you on the hungry SO front - I make Adam hold my light bounces so he feels included in the photographic process :)