Saturday, July 3, 2010

Korma Simmer Sauce

The ideal, really, of a slow foods diet is to do all your own mixing and cooking from fresh ingredients.

But sometimes, you've spent the entire day doing research into motions to suppress the statement your client made to the police while he was handcuffed on the side of the road, and the spirit just isn't in you to simmer and season for three hours.

On days like this, you either guiltily get take-out or hope there's something exciting in your pantry you can just open with a can-opener that won't break the rules.

Okay, so I'm not completely sure what tapioca starch is.  But we have tapioca and we have starch in the house, so I let that one slide.  Plus, it's organic tapioca starch!  Right?

We threw it in a pan with some roughly chopped carrot, red onion, green and bell peppers, frozen peas, and a sliced chicken breast.  And simmered.  Simmer sauce!

Meanwhile, there's a great crop of assorted lettuces growing in my mom's garden, lovingly tended by my green-thumb niece.  We picked and rinsed some for a bright summer salad:

(A couple of those leaves were a surprise spicy arugula.)

We served it all with a little basmati rice from our favorite Indian place, the Jaipur, and BAM.  The sauce was a mellow and fragrant, a little sweet, as kormas should be.  Paired with our spicy, tangy salad, and it was a summer feast in less than thirty minutes.

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