Sunday, June 6, 2010

Farmer's Market

My mom joined a CSA with a couple friends this year, so we went yesterday morning to meet her farmers and divvy up the goods among the group.  While there, of course, we picked up some extraneous produce and cheeses, and a set of four Berkshire pork chops that cost an arm and a leg and look absolutely incredible.  Photos coming of that meal tonight...

This is a locally-crafted goat cheese, rolled in lavender and lemon zest.  I think they may have overdone it a little on the seasoning, but the cheese is soft and tangy, and the zest gives a flavorful crunch.

Above is a tiny loaf of dandelion bread, lovingly crafted by the young woman from whom my mom gets her weekly sack of goods.  You can see the little dandelion hairs in the slice; she said they sat around for hours, delicately pulling the hairs from the greens.  The resulting loaf was sweet and soft, a little like cornbread, and when spread with the smoky ripe camembert and topped with a fresh-picked strawberry from our own garden, absolutely heavenly.


  1. How does ur moms csa work? how much, does she have to pick up?

  2. Juliet's mom here: We pick up a sack every week from our farmers, who have a stand at one of the local farm markets. The amount and type of produce varies week to week. Thus far we've had lots of greens, radishes, some onions, a little rhubarb, a loaf of dandelion bread (apparently labor intensive but delish!) and two batches of stinging nettles, which make a surprisingly wonderful soup. I split a share with three others, and my portion has been ample to last me a week. A full share would do for a family of four or five, I'd say. Lots of fun to see what will turn up each week.