Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cooking for Three

Matt's sister Katie is due today (!!!), so over the weekend we journeyed up to Madison with his mom to visit in anticipation of the blessed event.  While there, we helped prepare some meals for them to reheat after the baby is born, when they will be overworked, underslept, and, apparently, very hungry.

While we cooked, we munched on good Wisconsin cheese and beer, purchased from the rather incredible Madison Saturday morning farmer's market:

On Sunday morning, Matt and I cooked breakfast, whipping up my mom's recipe for French pancakes.  We served them with just-picked strawberries from the farmer's market, and as farmers themselves, Katie and Greg had all kinds of home-canned preserves lying around, perfect for spreading with butter and farm-fresh goat cheese on the doughy crepes:

If anyone doesn't understand why I love the country so much, please reference the photo above.

Katie and Greg, we're sending all kinds of love and the best wishes in the world your way!! 

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