Thursday, January 7, 2010

Days Five, Six, Seven

So.  First things first.  Last night for Matt's birthday, we ventured north to Wicker Park for beers and basketball: Duke played Iowa State at the United Center, and our friend Pat had ordered cheap tickets through the Duke Alumni page, which turned out to be ACTUALLY court-side. (Happy birthday, old man!)

So that was awesome.  But since it was a special occasion, I took an exception meal for the week (meaning now I have to be golden until Monday) and loaded up on Small Bar's pub grub, splitting fried cheese curds, fish 'n chips, and a big bowl of chili with Matt.  All of this might be perfectly unprocessed, but since I didn't ask, I have no way of knowing.  And I have to tell you, in an effort to be perfectly honest on this journey, that I woke up feeling pretty disgusting; a little hungover from the beers, a little scratchy from the yelling, and more than a little sick to my stomach from all the grease.

I've only been eating whole for a few days -- and relatively unsuccessfully, at that -- but I can feel a major difference in my body today after last night's meal.  I'm draggy, bloated, and generally ill-ish.

Before last night's blowout, the past couple days have been relatively tame on the dining front:

We finished off the open C&D farms ground beef in lunchtime nachos and burgers Matt doctored up on Tuesday night (onions, garlic, cumin, cayenne), served with oven-roasted brussels sprouts.

(Please note the elegant plating, Matt's resolution for the new year...)

Yesterday morning presented my first real challenge: foregoing U.Chicago Law's weekly free "coffee mess" of Dunkin' Donuts in favor of some whole wheat toast.  I took some coffee, but brought my own cup pre-filled with Organic Valley whole milk (no additives) and granulated sugar, rather lacing it with the 18% cream and uncountable Splendas which used to be my go-to.

Even writing that is a little disgusting.

Anyways, after remaining STRONG LIKE A ROCK at coffee mess, lunch was hearty whole PB&J:

Smuckers all-natural peanut butter (just peanuts and salt) and Matt's sister Katie's incredible home-canned strawberry preserves, spread thick on sunflower rye from Treasure Island.  The organic, multicolored carrots made their final appearance, and we agreed that purple DEFINITELY tastes better.


  1. First, I'm SUPER jealous of your courtside seats. Sounds like it was a pretty fun game, domination style. :-)

    Second, happy birthday, mBlair! He's just GOT to be about 43 by now, right??

    Enjoying the blog and your quest, keep it up!

  2. good to know, I plan on growing purple & white carrots this year :)

    what you're doing is awesome and I'm in full support! Michael Pollan came to my work (a university) and I wish I would have been able to hear him talk!! His books are on my to-read list this year for sure.